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Business Consultation


Small and mid-sized businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and closely held family owned companies have many needs around management, executive coaching, strategic planning and dealing with the stresses of running a business. In fact, one employee who is having difficulty in a small company is a much greater percentage of your work force, thereby having a larger impact on your company, other employees and the bottom line.


Many times, the small and mid-sized company does not want to hire the large consulting firm, but would rather work with a private consultant who truly gets to know them in order to address their organizational culture, need for skills building, and organizational dynamics.


When I serve in the role of your consultant the responsibilities of confidentiality are the same as if I was providing other professional services in my office, even though I’m not providing psychotherapy. As a clinical psychologist and trained mediator, I adhere to strict confidence and do not even provide a client list of the companies I work with to others.


I bring 40 years of training and consulting experience to you as I help address your business concerns in a practical no-nonsense way. My assignments often involve:


  • Strategic planning
  • Executive coaching to help technical leaders build better interpersonal and management skills
  • Customer service training
  • Sexual harassment prevention training
  • Communication skills training
  • Creating excellence in leadership teams
  • Conflict resolution and mediation services


Feel free to reach out to discuss how I might be of help.