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Practice Consultation and Books


Running a professional practice can be a daunting task. There is so much that is not taught in a professional training program, yet essential to running an effective practice in a responsible manner.

I work with individual clinicians and group practices providing consultation, training and workshops on:

  • Clinical Issues
  • Creating and managing a practice
  • Developing a niche practice
  • Marketing
  • Dealing with partner issues (including compensation and conflict resolution)
  • Risk management and dealing with ethically challenging situations

For more information on the consultation I provide to mental health professionals please go to ThePracticeInstitute.com.


I also provide consultation and trainings to small and mid-sized businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and professional practices to help them deal with staff and management issues and conflict resolution. For more information please click here.

You might be interested in these books related to practice that I have collaborated in writing or editing:

APA Handbook of Psychotherapy

Volume 1 of the APA Handbook of Psychotherapy focuses on major theoretical approaches to and categories of disorders addressed in psychotherapy, providing both developmental background and comprehensive, forward-thinking information on contemporary practice. 

If You Build It They Will Come: And Other Myths of Private Practice in the Mental Health Professions

  • Written in a conversational style
  • Provides practical solutions and guidance for application in clinical settings
  • Advises clinicians in solo or group practice, and mental health professionals who own or work in another practice

Bringing Psychotherapy to the Underserved examines the challenging problem of providing psychotherapy services to underserved, often marginalized populations, both within and outside of the US.




Handbook of Private Practice

is the premier resource for mental health clinicians, covering all aspects of developing and maintaining a successful private practice. Written for graduate students considering the career path of private practice, professionals wanting to transition into private practice, and current private practitioners who want to improve their practice, this book combines the overarching concepts needed to take a mental health practice from inception, through its lifespan.




Financial Management for Your Mental Health Practice: Key Concepts Made Simple 

One need not be a CPA to develop and maintain a successful practice, but understanding basic accounting concepts is one of the necessary ingredients. This book is a helpful and important primer that is essential reading for anyone in private practice.





The Ethics of Private Practice

helps mental health professionals understand the essential ethical issues related to the many challenges of being in independent practice. Each chapter focuses on a major aspect of the business of practice and incorporates relevant standards from the ethics codes of four mental health professions. Full of practical tips that can be readily implemented, this handy guide will be the go-to resource for all mental health clinicians in private practice.