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Co-parenting Commitments

Every effort will be made to absolutely avoid communicating evidence of conflict in front of our child/children.

We will speak to each other with respect and not use condescending or derogatory terms in any exchanges with each other, especially in front of the child/children.

Contact between us should be scheduled and generally limited to exchanges of information about the children, their behavior, their schedules, school information, etc. and to solving problems faced by our child/children.

We agree to make our child/children’s needs more important than our own territorial needs or needs for independence.

We agree to respect each other’s time with our child/children and not interfere with the scheduled agreement.  This also means following the parenting plan schedule by routinely being on time for the child/children when we pick them up from or bring them to the other parent.  Along these lines, any changes, which need to be made to the schedule, need to be discussed and agreed to with the other parent first, prior to informing or discussing the change with the child/children.

We agree to respect the other parent’s parenting style and discuss any concerns at agreed upon communication times and not in front of or in earshot of the child/children.

We agree that it is in our child/children’s best interests to have two parents who love and care for them and are involved in their lives on a regular basis.

We agree not to place our child/children in loyalty conflicts between the two of us, or to try to have them take sides to support one parent or the other.

We agree to work towards giving our children a family at peace, not war.