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Loving Your Children More Than You Hate Each Other: Powerful Tools for Navigating a High-Conflict Divorce 

By Lauren Behrman, Ph.D. and Jeffrey Zimmerman, Ph.D., ABPP

This much-needed guide offers practical tips and strategies to help you manage intense emotions, deal with shame and blame, and create a peaceful, loving environment for your children.




The Co-Parenting Survival Guide: Letting Go of Conflict After a Difficult Divorce

by Elizabeth S. Thayer, Ph.D. and Jeffrey Zimmerman, Ph.D.

This survival guide for divorced parents helps readers learn to navigate hot spots of hostility and conflict around communication, visitation, extra curricular activities, holidays, and new partners.  It’s for those divorced parents who experience conflict and difficulty in co-parenting collaboratively, but want what is best for their children in their growing years and need to learn the necessary steps to ensure that their children’s lives are happy and healthy.



Adult Children of Divorce: How to Overcome the Legacy of Your Parents’ Breakup and Enjoy Love, Trust and Intimacy by Jeffrey Zimmerman, Ph.D. and Elizabeth S. Thayer, Ph.D.

This book for adults whose parents divorced, is designed to help you focus on improving your relationships with significant others, your children, your parents and even your co-workers.  You don’t have to view yourself as a victim of your parents’ divorce.  Learn about your strengths and changing your view of yourself, intimacy, and relationships to open up new possibilities in your life.

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