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For many, work is one of the central parts of life. We are often at work more than at home (when awake) on any given work day. Our relationships at work can be intense and at times not ones that we choose. We can find our self-worth linked to situations at work and also find that our job provides a sense of security (or lack there-of).

Perhaps the largest financial investment for employers (whether for-profit, not-for-profit, or municipalities) is that spent on payroll and employee benefits. Yet, often this can be viewed as simply a necessary expense and not given the same attention as other major business expenditures. Many times employees move into management positions as a result of their achievements and technical expertise, but without the skills needed for leadership and to deal with the multitude of complex interpersonal issues that appear in the workplace.

My work with employers centers on helping them maximize on their investment in personnel by addressing the “human factor” as it relates to motivation, productivity, leadership, planning and conflict reduction. Below, is a sampling of services I offer:

Communication skills Leadership training Executive coaching
Anger management Management retreats Preventing sexual harassment
Conflict resolution training Strategic planning meetings Improving customer relationships
Violence prevention Critical incident debriefing Reduction in force planning